What happens if you hit a crack in the sidewalk? Is there a trip mechanism in the blade?

Yes there is a trip mechanism in the blade similar to those on a truck plow. The blade automatically rotates and will spring back into place.

Does the blade rotate?

Yes, the blade can be positioned in five different rotational positions.

What is the primary market for these machines?

The primary target markets are commercial snow removal companies (often lawn care or landscape companies), municipalities or property management companies that have large amount of sidewalks to clear.

How do they compare to an ATV with a blade on it?

Our machines are much more compact than an ATV and they have zero turn capability so they can get into tighter spaces. Also, their forward/reverse transition is much easier than shifting mechanical gears on an ATV.

How can I purchase one?

We are in the process of setting up our dealer network. Email or call us to determine if there is a dealer in your area. If not, then you can purchase direct.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have a third party finance company that we can refer you to for financing options.

What is the warranty on these machines?

The warranty is a full one-year on parts and labor.  The engines have longer warranties depending on model.

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